Ulveslægten - illustrationer
Museum Project - Fregatten Jylland 2018
Muhimo Illustration and logo 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 3 Life and Death 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 2 THE AFTERMATH 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 1 Navigation 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery1 - Shipping and Stranding 2017
Poetry by AnneGret Friedrichsen 2017
Original Artwork - "In-between fashion"
When Pigs Fly - Winther poetry
Personal project
Akvarel, personal project 2012. Inspiration comes from catwalk and goes very well in wet and wet.
CPHmade 2012, Copenhagen craftsmen, drawings in ink and gouache
CPHmade 2012, Copenhagen craftsmen, wet and wet single pieces
RANDOM LUXURY, Random Luxury Carol Tree Christmas Calendar. The tree and figures are made in water color, broidery is made by "Place de Bleu"
Mike Salisbury 2010-11, THE FRIENDS OF JODY THE COYOTE. A fantasitic story written by Mike Salisbury US, about the the surfer Jody and her searching
Personal project 2010, inspired by the beautiful photos by Karl Blossfeldt