Museum Project - Fregatten Jylland 2018
Suzanne Brøgger - IN magasin 2018
Muhimo Illustration and logo 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 3 Life and Death 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 2 THE AFTERMATH 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 1 Navigation 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery1 - Shipping and Stranding 2017
The Rakish Gent
Erotic short stories
My Fair Lady
When Pigs Fly - Winther poetry
Rosemary and the deerhunters
Aarhus Theater
Discover - Deliver UK
The European Code of Good Administrative Behavior, illustration for publication
Dyrberg/Kern Hand Lettering
Discover-Deliver UK
Queensberry Fine Printing, New Zealand
Artwork for Norlie Childrenswear Spring/Summer2013
Two posters for Aarhus Theatre, The Cherry Orchard by Anton Tjekhov
Munthe plus Simonsen, Catalog spring/summer 2013
Aarhus Theatre. Anton Tjekhov, The Cherry Orchard
Cluster mall, Norway 2012, fall fashion campaigne, inspired by movements
Soul & Scent 2012, webshop, ecological beauty products
Rivet & Sway US 2012, stylish glasses for women
Brunns Bazar 2010, is a mall in the city of Aarhus, the drawings is for summer and winther sales campaign
Mamalicious 2010, maternity fashion
OLAY cosmetic packeting 2010
Hultquist-Copenhagen jewellery 2009, campaign